Junior Data Scientist


Job Description

An opportunity to work on the data points of one of the biggest app publishers in South-East Asia (90 million downloads, over 25 million Monthly Active Users), that works closely with Google’s products and services (see our Google Cloud Case Study).

  • Conduct data collection and analysis of end-users
  • Collaborate with product manager, and operation teams to provide statistics or business data that can help to drive business insights
  • Draw up and generate ad-hoc reports to support various functions and categories
  • Perform competitor analysis to ensure competitive advantage is maintained
  • Work with product team to develop insights and derive strategies for key campaigns
  • Work with the wider Business Development and Marketing team for other key initiatives


  • Able to work with a large amount of data meticulously
  • Good experience and knowledge in Python
  • Working knowledge of Pandas and Matplotlib libraries
  • Understanding of Excel, SQL, NoSQL
  • DB management and query good practices
  • Experience in ETL


Prior experience in Firebase, BigQuery, Data Studio, Analytics, Google Cloud Platform

Exact job requirements include the following

To ensure a sustainable data collection, visualization and use a system that is common understanding to the whole team

  1. Help stakeholders pull data for what they want to see
  2. Help stakeholders visualise data for what they can’t yet see. Business insights.
  3. To clean the collected data, and be able to do up slides/graphs to present to relevant stakeholders 
  4. Stakeholders primarily include, Content, Product and Management teams, as well as to occasionally assist the CEO and board when they require
  5. Work closely with Product team and Engineers to start tracking other data points that might be more useful and relevant


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